A mrxak TC

A mrxak TC is my so-far-unnamed total conversion for the Ambrosia Software game Escape Velocity Nova. I am generally keeping most information under wraps. However, I can provide a few tidbits here.

Here is what progress I had the last time I updated the progress log back on my evula.org site. This information is guaranteed to be out of date or your money back:

  • Main universe systems are laid out. Most systems do not have their stellar objects yet.
  • Many stellar objects that have been created do not yet have descriptions.
  • Many bars are not yet added or described to existing stellar objects.
  • Many stellar objects that have been created do not yet have all the proper attributes and some do not yet have their proper positions.
  • Only two governments have any of their stellar objects. No governments have all of their stellar objects.
  • Most stellar objects are at least mapped out in my head, and I know which systems should have stellars in them, and what kind they will be.
  • Several graphics are completed.
  • Some sounds have been produced or provided to me (or will be soon! *nudge* *nudge*) by The Lone Gunman, Dj Dwarf, and Zach (aka gyrospin).

I've actually done quite a lot since then.

Anyway, check back here occasionally for more recent information. However, there is a good chance that I'll decide to simply work on the project instead of working on the website for the project. That is usually the best way to go about things.

For discussion on A mrxak TC and other projects, please visit the mrxak's Assorted Webspace forum. Chances are that there is more information there than here anyway.


Last Modified: 02/06/11