The Haiku Archive

Collected Works of the Rabid Haiku Generator

Most of these were written in Ambrosia Software's Webboards for EV:Nova and Uplink. The rest are all over the place. Some were not easily found when I put this together, so the number at the bottom may not reflect the actual number listed here. Eventually, I may even figure out exactly where the gaps are. Enjoy!

EVN is good
I'm glad I registered now
Yes, thank you ATMOS

ATMOS is real cool
It's too bad it is too hot
You heard of AC?

I like R&R
I can't wait for editors
Guess I'll wait for game

Now that I am done,
I will leave this topic now
Goodbye everyone!

Never mind I'm not
Done with EVN haikus
They are really fun

Submunitions rock
I just blew up that mean ship
Teach 'em not to mess

Actually I am
Not done with this topic yet
Somebody stop me!

Matt Burch is the man
Makes the engine oh so good
Plug-ins will be great

Art from down under
So cool it's in 16-bit
They want to see more

Weapon blasts burn ship
Leave me alone pirates please?
I'll give you credits

Why won't it come out?
How long will it take tell me
It will when it's done

Suggestions galore
EVN boards are crazy
Why won't madness end?

Haikus are fun right?
Can't stop counting syllables
I hope I got it

Thirteen unlucky
I'd better stop with fourteen
Fourteen haikus? Wow!

Now I've broken fast
Time for more haikus (ha-ha)
Twenty is the goal

Missiles smash armor
Send out fighters to attack
Too late I go boom!

Trading for profit
When pirates enter system
Afterburners now!

For extra credits
Dominating can be good
Bounty hunters come

Where is the pirate?
I was hired for his death
Watch out for fighters

Lower prices good
If you want to make profit
Sell at high always

Goal of twenty low
Need to make goal higher still
So I can go on

Why does sound repeat?
New EVN feature yes?
Too loud leave spaceport

Alpha stage complete
Beta will be soon I hope
Final will soon come

Above haiku is false
Only alpha two is done
Who knows when final

Chär resource is new
Allows multiple entries
to mission stories

It's the police now
Attacking my ship because
Illegal outfit

Option-click on buy
Get pop-up box and enter
The amount to buy

Upgraded escort
Won't let me upgrade some more
Limits restrict me

Docking fees too much
Won't let me dock on station
Aiming turrets now

Mission way too hard
Where is that planet/system
Aborting Mission

Beam graphics nice now
It's better than two colors
Rotating at will

Need lots more turrets?
No problem, just get outfit
It increases max

Government hates me
Animating spöbs are cool
Too bad I can't land

Running out of fuel
Too bad I attacked that ship
Spaceports hate me now

I failed the mission
They expected me to win
Against that big ship

Escape pod broken
Running out of oxygen
Why won't anyone...

Help me, I asked nice
But the ships just left me here
To die out in space

I am lost in space
Drifting in a broken pod
Don't shoot me with tank!

LordHostle don't mess
I am too crazy for you
To handle on own

Alone drifting here
Through space I am quite insane
Somebody help me!

I am less crazy
Almost a day later than
I posted above

However, please note,
I'm still crazy in this pod
You still shouldn't mess

Never mind please don't
Try to help me, I'm too far
Insane to be helped

Looks like Servack's now
Trying to compete with me
That is his mistake

Manticore is cool
I sure hope I spelled it right
Or I'll look a fool

Up against two ships
Better lock and load my guns
And blast them apart

Point defense is broke
Missiles smash against armor
Time to abandon-

Ship at three o'clock
Shooting weapons at me now
Good thing I have shields

Never saw Hector
Attack my poor ship at all
Registered the game

Mission briefing long
Time to use the new scroll bar
Great new feature guys!

ATMOS Tonight's great
Hope they make a new one soon
So we'll get a laugh

What system is this?
I've never been here before
Uh oh, it's pirates

Don't know how many
Haikus I've written here now
I had better count

Fifty-four haikus
Guess that will throw Servack off
So he can't beat me

Guess one more I'll make
Or maybe I'll make two more
Or three or four or...

Ship of the day cool
Not just the one today, but,
All of them are cool

Planet of the day
It can be found on this link
Check it everyday!

Okay that's enough
I'll retire for the day
And stop this madness

What is EVN?
It is a really cool game
That is not out yet

New deathstar AI
Thank you for making it Matt
It is really cool

One hundred haikus
Some said it could not be done
I'll prove them all wrong

Stellar objects can
Have weapons if they want to
Be more dangerous

Pirate missiles hurt
When they hit my ship's armor
Shakes my ship apart

Pirates boarding now
Why won't they just kill me quick
Instead of stealing

Manticore attacks
Is it just hype or should I
Be very afraid

Stormmind thinks idle
But I'm not I was busy
Got to make more now

Haikus are fun but,
When you've got a goal to make
It can get real hard

The aliens attack
The look familiar to me
This is not EV!

EVN Rebels
Are different from EV
No Confeds are here

Promised Stormmind more
Seventy I said to him
Now I've made five more

Thirty left to go
I'm filled with doubts, will I end
Before EVN?

Hector yells at me
Why won't he just go away?
Better register

I still play EV
To pass the time, and have fun
'Til EVN's out

I played EVO
Today when I was bored, and,
Needed to kill time

Who's attacking me?
Is it bounty hunters, or
Just greedy pirates

I am the only
One that does haikus at all
On this lone topic

It is kind of sad
That I'm alone in madness
Will anyone care?

Probably they won't
They'll dismiss me as crazy
"He makes to many!"

The last few are hard
I've done all that I can do,
About EVN

"Or have you?" you ask
The truth is that I don't know
I am just insane

What is this planet?
It's a planet that is cool
Parasites are here!

Floating cities high
High, high, above in the sky
Bubblized, scary

Advancements are the key, to
Always stay on top

PyroQuake take that!
Haikus are not done quite yet
Prepare for some more

Miyun thinks he can
Compete with me, oh that fool
I'm too far ahead

Sorry, I just guessed
I had to make a choice, see,
He/She is too long

Haikus now third page
It is getting kind of long
Eighty-seven now

Bööm resource scary
What if it explodes while I'm
working on a plug

Mission bit scripting
Should make plug developers
Very happy right?

EVN window
Allows background event stuff
EVN will rock!

Holoday is here
To make some more haikus so
Others don't have to

It's been eleven
Days since log's been updated
Maybe something soon?

Hope EV Nova
Will be done, not before I
Make the one-hundredth

I want EVN
To be perfect, I hope that
ATMOS takes their time

Ninety-five enough
For now, I guess, I'll be back
To reach my big goal

I am so bored now
I just had to make haiku
Now I am not bored.

So close to my goal
Just four more to write then done
With these dang haikus

I should make haikus
That are relevant to game
Instead of this stuff

It will make Nova so cool
X users unite!

End of an era
One hundred haikus were made
Now I will retire

Finally I'm free
Oops is this another one?
Oh no I can't stop!!!

Beta finally
I can feel a release now
Coming soon I hope

Jealous of testers
For all that they get to see
They'll have lots of work

Don't ask to test game
You will get rejected quick
Beta is secret

Getting back rhythm
Of haikus, it's been a while
Since I've written these

Everybody please
Write some haikus here with me
About EVN

Ship of the Day cool
Looks likes gun turret, the kind
That makes you say ouch!

New to haikus eh?
Just go to the link right here
And learn how to make

EVN Beta
How sweet the words, my heart soars
Perhaps Final soon?

I've read the Bible
I do like it, very much
Nova rocks (plus plus)

Seem endless, I wonder when
First TC is made

Fingers hit the keys
Typing lots of haikus now
Hope this never stops

One hundred thirteen
Haikus so far written here
R.H.G. returns!

Preambles are cool
Cannot wait for more, to learn
Who are Wild Geese?

AI makes me hurt
It can beat me all the time
Making a cheat plug

Engines just cut out
Could be a nonlethal bomb
I'm a floating duck

Boarding AI ship
Hope that marine outfit helps
Or I won't capture

Lots of asteroids
Too bad my ship can't mine them
Get profit elsewhere

Newbies swarming board
No, there won't be more screenshots
Let them make the game!

Gravity is lost
Floating out of captain's chair
Bang head on ceiling

Pirates on my six
Shuttlecraft is much too slow
Where are the Fed's now?

Armor disappears
So much for my shield upgrades
Weapons pass through shields

Unguarded convoy
Easy pickings for pirates
Oops, there's cloaked fighters

Lightning streaks on screen
Could there be weather in space?
Nope, it's a weapon

Carriers launch ships
Shoot missiles from far away
Fighters come in swarms

Rebels are not like
The ones in original,
But they steal tech too.

The Claimer has struck.
Dani Workers are avenged.
Criminals pay hard.

Duty to his house
Drives the warrior of this group
Can you guess the gövt?

Where is planet Gem?
Is it an independent?
Is it in the Fed?

Who uses IR,
To guide their hand-held missiles
When fighting in space?

That is all for now
Creativity run out
Will be back later

Punching at my keys
Searching, shooting, flying, 'til
Mission is complete

It's been five weeks now
Since I've had a good night's sleep
Since Nova came out

Losing consciousness
Must stay awake, must stay sharp
Rebels need me still!

Finally resigned
Guess I'll have to wait a bit
Before I play more

Flying purple ships
Eating my brain and my brain
I need some more spleep*

School tomorrow day
Homework.... done. I think so.... um....
Guess I'll find out soon

Board is boring now
Hope something new happens soon
Or something something

Five betas released
How many are left to go?
No word is out yet

Awesome new movies
They are great, they do amaze
Nova's looking good

So many haikus
I have written, yes, it's true
I'm the RHG

Eight betas to date
Waiting, waiting, waiting for
Elusive "fc"

Andrew fights again
In those movies that he makes
He just never wins

Rumors that ATMOS
Are making a new "Tonight"
Archive has returned!

Flying AI ships
Are they Vell-os or the Feds?
Running anyway

Ränk to low to stop
Ships from shooting me on sight
This gövt I joined stinks!

Enemies hurt me
'til I got this brand new ship
Now it's them who run!

AAC is great
His cartoons make laughs and tears
It's a Nova Life!

RHG is back
Hide your children, lock the doors
More haikus are near!

Just got a new game
It should hold me for a bit
Until Nova comes

Nova will be great
Such an overused first line
But it works so well

Step, step, step (I hear)
They are somewhere in my ship
Pirates have boarded

Fighting those tough ships
Can be viewed as suicide
Flaming moki death

What lives in the dark?
The deep of space is deadly
Watch your six or die

fc1 is here
Release of final Nova
Hopefully be soon?

Bet on a racer
Hope your ship comes in first place
Else you lost your bet

Soon the time will come
Wonder if I'll make it to
Two-hundred haikus

Once upon a time
ATMOS worked on a plugin
Now it stands alone

All the governments
And all of the AI ships
Are mad at me now

Tokyo will see
EV Nova and Pop-Pop
I wish I was there

Large populations
On every world they own
Trivia question

Thirty-five to make
200 haikus for me
I am almost done

Which one should I choose?
New desktop pictures are great
Thunderforge is sweet

Too many icons
I should clean up my desktop
I'll do it later...

More are soon to come
Andrew gives out so much stuff
Final must be soon

How many fc's
Will it take to make the game
Less I hope, who knows?

Burning tears and sweat
Panic grips my heart so tight
School is tomorrow

Every time I boot
A new Nova pict appears
They are very cool

Which one will be next?
I have random desktop picts
Ooh! It is Starbridge

Cannot wait for more
Rumor has it there will be
Many, many more

Things are looking up
Lots of action recently
On this Nova Board

Haikus come in fives
That is, come from RHG
Fear my haikuness

Haikus are easy
Really they are, not a joke
But problems arise

Syllable counting
Is hard when dealing with a
Pound (or number) sign

My greatest challenge
As a haiku maker is
Counting strange symbols

Back to EVN:
Auroran made Thunderforge
Is a cool-*** ship

BattleDoctor made
The first haiku topic here
Haiku in honor

Feel the haiku love.
Rawzer tried to use my nick,
But he failed. Too bad!

Many a haiku
Has been typed by um... well... me
LordHostile was right

What is to come now?
Many a surprise of late
Has made us quite glad

Pictures, and fc
Sneak-peeks, desktops and much more
The board is revived

Nova almost done
We know Nova is coming
How soon will it be?

Requirements out
You should have at least G3,
At least PPC

One-twenty-eight megs
Are needed to play Nova
Else you got nothing

New nova channel
Is better than ev3
When talking Nova

Plugin ideas fly
Cool usage for new resource
That's a great idea!

Old ideas surface
Cool usage of old resource
EV Nostalgia

Earn your own title
Make a lot of haikus here
If you want to try

Some words of advice
Keep close track of your haikus
Counting never hurts

In fact I have done
A large number of haikus
Always counting them

In parentheses
At the bottom of my posts
Haiku count resides

Almost at the end
Two hundred and two haikus
Is my hard-sought goal

With the new desktops
Rumors of Nova release
Soon increases still

I must completely
Reach my goal before release
Else face my own wrath

Many Starbridge types
Modifications abound
Popular starship

Lots of news lately
Lots of picts and movies too
Final soon I hope

Two hundred haikus
Only two are left to make
Ready for some fun?

Nova will be great
ATMOS, Matt Burch, Ambrosia,
A haiku salute!

Final haiku made
After this I will retire
Or perhaps I won't...

The time's come at last!
Nova is finally here!
Download is complete!

Startup screen appears
Amazing art and music
Better than I hoped

First flight in first ship
AI ships and planets near
Time to go explore...

Bonus Haiku (from "Përs of the Webboard" plug-in):

When the RHG
Made a haiku for his përs
He wrote it like this

Which is better ship
Raven or the old Kestrel,
or the Thunderforge?

Aurorans like war
Polaris have lots of tech
The Feds are greedy

Finished all six 'lines
Time to complete terraform
And extra offshoots

I've had eight pilots
Most of them completed strings
None have beat Matt Burch

It will bite you hard
You will never kick a goose
Quite the same again

You are in a box
Everyone thinks you are wrong
Admit geese are good

Actually it could
Four other haiku topics
Were before this one


I will still make more
No new title can stop me
The RHG lives!

Blackdog made a lot
He should be proud of his work
Trying to compete?

Bonus Haiku (for karma praise):

There was a member
Who was cool and wonderful
Thus they got a praise

Bonus Haiku (for signature):

When the RHG
Made a haiku for his sig
He made it like this

Mazca, king of pork
Ruling with an iron fist
The pig farms fear him

Having no limits
Immeasurably boundless
He is Infinate

Wanting to be first
Klepsacovic I'm sorry
You must be second

A pedestrian
He says he's from the future
It is persondude

Watching the X-Files
The truth is out there

Zax from the UK
Or more precisely London
Programs Java games

Zaphod Beeblebrox
He's from Portland, Oregon
And he's a student

Zeke from Canada
He's married with a daughter
Cute Natalia

nemo, he's the man
He plays guitar and the bass
Santa Rosa's home

Massachusetts guy
He likes hockey quite a bit

The Cheat makes plug-ins
And he makes 3D graphics
For the EV games

He's in his twelfth grade
A cartoonist and he writes
Rawzer from New York

Fear the SpacePirate
He made a plug-in search page
And he'll board your ship

With custom title
Lord John Shackles, lord of thighs
Registered since March

Pufer likes the net
He connects to the wide web
Using WebTV

With brown eyes and hair
dude3 likes to toss some fish
From the USA

Thrakem trains IT
From the last door on the left
And he plays guitar

From the south of France
Zacha Pedro plays Starcraft
At his cursed PC

Likes Kurt Vonnegut
He's gazza_2001
Perth he calls his home

He's behind the wall
Doesn't know who John Galt is
White Lightning strikes twice

Likes the chocolate
From the middle of nowhere
Cresent is the name

painless is the coolest gal
on the b&b

when the #ev3
gets crazy like it is now
we are all afraid



Last Modified: 02/06/11