Chess Tournament

I am running a chess tournament for members of Ambrosia Software's web boards.

Discussion about the new tournament is located here.

There were 12 players in the preliminary rounds. The results were:
Group One: Group finished (Anon and Number279 to continue)
Infinite 0
Anon 2
Number279 4

Group Two: No game yet between grunadulator and spamguy (grunadulator and spamguy to continue)
grunadulator 2
Computer_Man 0
spamguy 2

Group Three: No game yet between orcaloverbri9 and nufan (orcaloverbri9 and nufan to continue)
orcaloverbri9 2
Mazca 0
no_use_for_a_name (nufan) 2

Group Four: Group finished (Zax and Krauti to continue)
Zax 4
Clueless (Krauti) 2
ElGuapo7 0

There are 8 players in the first round. The match-ups are:
Match One:
Number279 vs. spamguy

Match Two:
Anon vs. grunadulator

Match Three:
orcaloverbri9 vs. Zax

Match Four:
no_use_for_a_name (nufan) vs. Clueless (Krauti)

Official Rules and Instructions

All competitors must have the latest version of ChessWorks. The time period in which the game(s) must be played for a round will be given later. It is the responsibility of the two parties to communicate by email, IM, irc, or however they see fit to arrange a meeting time to play a game. Once a decision on the meeting time to play has been agreed on, both parties must email mrxak to declare the time and date of the game. At the time that the game is scheduled to take place, both parties will meet on the tracker (see instructions). If one player is more than 15 minutes late, they will forfeit and the other player will be declared winner. When the players meet on the tracker, they will begin a game. The players may then choose who shall be white and who shall be black by whatever method they wish. If a decision cannot be reached and it is a preliminary round, then the person with the least points so far will choose. If both players have an equal number of points or it is not a preliminary round, then the player who arrived on the tracker the earliest will choose. In the event that a player disconnects from a game, all attempts to save the game and continue must be made. If the disconnecting player does not return, or the game cannot be saved, then the disconnecting player will forfeit, and the non-forfeiting player is declared the winner. When a game ends by any means, a PGN file will be exported (see instructions) and saved somewhere safe. The person who played as white will email their PGN file as an attachment to mrxak, and will include in proper chess notation the final move made, as well as the names of the players, indicating who won. mrxak will then review the game, and update the player match-ups. In the event of a forfeit, then the non-forfeiting player should immediately notify mrxak by email of the forfeit.

In the preliminary round, which can begin as soon as possible, each player in the group will play the other two members. A player that wins will get 2 points. A loss will be awared 0 points. A tie will be awarded 1 point for each player. After each group member has played every other group member one time, the person with the least points of the three in the group will be eliminated, and the remaining two players will enter the tournament. A player eliminated in the preliminary round will be eligible for a wild-card spot if one is created by a player forfeiting before the first round of the tournament. This will be explained further should this event arise.

Play nice!

Using the tracker window in ChessWorks, press "Connect". A window will pop up. Enter for the address, and 2405 for the port (which should already be 2405). Enter your username into the Account field, and your password. If you have not yet logged onto this server, it will allow you to create an account. Follow the instructions given (Steelix has also posted instructions here). Select the name of the person you need to play against, and click Play. The rest should be pretty straightforward. Discuss the colors you shall play as with your opponent. Once it is decided, (and if it is necessary) go to the Game menu and choose Swap Colors. The other player will then have a choice of either accepting or declining the change. To create a PGN file after the game, go to the File menu, select Export PGN... and name the file vs. .pgn. Remember that both players must save the PGN, but only the white player needs to email it to me. If you have any questions, just email me, or post them here.


Last Modified: 02/06/11