The mrxak Challenge

The mrxak Challenge (not to be confused with The Challenge, a plug-in by mrxak) is a series of development competitions for Ambrosia Software's excellent EV game series. It is generally recommended that plug-in entries be for EV Nova, due to the large number of improvements and features in that game engine.

So far there has been two The mrxak Challenges. The first was a preliminary round to gauge interest.

For more information on the competitions, please visit these topics from the Escape Velocity Developer's Corner:

The topic that started it all
The mrxak Challenge- Competition Zero
The mrxak Challenge- Competition One
Competition One Winners

I am also looking for challenge idea submissions. Please email me with anything you think would be difficult or impossible to do. In the future I will be adding a submission form right here on this site, but in the meantime you can get my email address from the Dev Corner.


Last Modified: 02/06/11