The Challenge

The Challenge is a plug-in developed by me to pose a serious challenge to overconfident players. If you think that EV Nova was too easy, then try this plug-in.

The plug-in adds a new system near Sol (but not connected to it). The only way to get there (besides random chance that a wormhole will take you there) is to take the mission called "Take The Challenge" available only at Thror's mission computer (in the Gefjon system). Once you get in the "Bye-Bye" (because that's what you'll say to your pilot) system, you will notice two things. One, the whole screen is red, and two, people are shooting at you from beyond the red screen. Survival for very long is quite an accomplishment.

The latest version is 1.0.3. It has not been tested in the latest versions of EV Nova, so it may not work very well. If so, please contact me with a report on any bugs you find.

You may download from either of the following servers:

What have people said about The Challenge?

"Oh. My. ***. A plugin for me has just been made. I love you." -cannedviction

"I like it." -Artanis

"I did manage to capture [one of the enemy ships]... Now that I know what I'm fighting, I'm even more scared." -GutlessWonder

"Wow, I can review my own plug-in and everyone will believe everything I say!" -mrxak



Last Modified: 02/06/11