mrxak Star of Excellence

In order to display your mrxak Star of Excellence, please follow these simple guidelines.

The first thing to remember is that this is an actual award, and is to be taken seriously. You should be proud of your award. These are not given out lightly. You have earned it. There are three ways of displaying the mrxak Star of Excellence outlined below.

Method One - The Link (most preferred)
mrxak Star of Excellence
Note the anchor name. You may leave it as #msoe or change it to #yourname778899, where yourname is your name as found on the list of winners, 77 is the two-digit representation of the month it was awarded, 88 is the two-digit representation of the day it was awarded, and 99 is the two-digit representation of the year it was awarded.

Method Two - The Icon
Note that the icon is also a link, again with an anchor name. This will eat up my bandwidth, so if you think that where you are displaying it will get a lot of traffic, please either make a copy or choose another method of display.

Method Three - The Shorthand Link (least prefered)
Pronounced EM-so, not em-SO.

So congratulations again on winning a mrxak Star of Excellence, and thank you for making sure to follow the guidelines.



Last Modified: 02/06/11